Movies Releasing 2023

A story asking students opinions on the new movies releasing this year.


by Mateo Hays, Reporter

The movie theater is a place that people go to sit down with or without friends and watch a film that has been released recently. Dozens of movies come out each year some are based off of books some are based on a continued story from a previous movie.  A lot of large brands have built up many fans over the years such as DC, Marvel, Sony. 

According to BuzzFeed, some of the movies that are coming out this year have fans upset, one of these movies is “The Flash.” The reason for it making fans upset and it being controversial is because they kept Ezra Miller as the lead actor in the film.

According to Vox “Miller has apologized for a lengthy string of bizarre and often violent behavior throughout 2022, including multiple bizarre allegations that they have been forming a sex cult, and had “groomed and brainwashed” one formerly under aged teen.”

Some of the students at Central Kitsap High School were interviewed and asked their opinions on their expectations for a few movies. McKenzie Breitkreutz (12 Grade), Natalie Story (11 grade), and Faith Greniger (12 grade) are all students that gave their opinions on the new movies releasing this year.

“The new ‘Flash’ movie has a great concept and idea, but I hate Ezra Miller,” said Breitkreutz. “Grant Gustin from the TV show needs to be cast as the main protagonist because of his amazing performance in the CW TV shows and because of what Ezra Miller has done in the past.”

The Cougar Chronicle took a poll that lasted for two days and it was to see what movies the students at Central Kitsap High School are excited for. According to the poll 26% of people are most excited about “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” that is releasing on April 7. The movie is based on an old Nintendo video game franchise called “Super Mario Bros”. It has several Spin offs, “Super Mario Bros” is actually a spin off of the popular 1981 arcade game “Donkey Kong.”

“The first being it is a unique movie, sure it’s based on a previous fandom/franchise but it’s not a sequel unlike many of the other movies listed,” said Story. “Furthermore I have some personal connections to ‘Super Mario Bros’ with my brother and dad. We all have personal connections to it from different games and having the chance to watch a movie based on that said thing is a way to connect with each other that we rarely otherwise do.”

Movies have many different genres, there are horror, comedy, thriller, action, adventure, romance, science fiction and more. According to the poll one of the popular genres is the horror genre. There are some horror movies coming out this year such as “Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey,” “Evil Dead Rise,” and “Scream VI.” “Scream” is a horror movie that has had a franchise since 1997 and the 6th movie is releasing on March 10th this year.

“The ‘Scream’ franchise is my favorite horror movie because it’s more of a slasher mystery than an actual horror movie,” said Greniger. “There is definitely some horror in there but I enjoy trying to figure out who the killer is before they are revealed at the end.”