Club Brief: Ping Pong Club

A look into Central Kitsap High Schools Ping Pong Club.


Mateo Hays

Student Kai Boydon and Staff Tyler Hunt playing a game Ping pong

by Mateo Hays, Reporter

Central Kitsap High School has a wide variety of activities, sports and clubs. These bring a bunch of people who might have not connected, together. 

One of the clubs that stands out among the rest is hosted by Avery Welkin and is the school’s Ping Pong club. According to Welkin ping pong club is currently one of the most attended clubs at Central Kitsap High School

“Alex Wong made me start a ping pong club because in my first year here, he was passionate about ping pong,” said Welkin. “ He played at home and his dad played too, and he was looking for an advisor.”

Ping Pong club has been around for five years and is held in the commons on Thursdays from the end of school until 2 p.m. During the club the students have two ping pong tables where they take turns practicing their skills and playing against other members of the club. The club raises money for new equipment by hosting fundraisers.

“We have mostly done restaurant fundraisers, we’ve talked about potentially doing some like T-shirt sales and things,” said Welkin.  “We’re working on designs right now, but we’ve also solicited donations from families and staff and those have given us great in kind donations over time of tables, both used and new.”

The club is looking at reaching out to other schools that have their own ping pong clubs to see if they would be interested in competing in tournaments with our school. Currently they have not competed in any tournaments yet but they are still looking into it. 

“Olympic High School’s team is not currently active, I don’t know about Klahowya at this point, so we’re still kind of seeking out what other schools have clubs that we could play,” said Welkin. “We do kind of have our practice table and tournament table though, so that you know people with different skill levels can engage.”