Girls Tennis Senior Night

Central Kitsap High School says goodbye to the Senior Tennis Girls.


Hailey Hansen

Seniors having their photo taken with their posters

by Hailey Hansen, Reporter

School is coming to an end this year and so have sports, specifically girls tennis. To send off the senior players into their adulthood’s the team celebrates at the last home game of the season, senior night. 

They celebrated senior players Tiana Johnson, Katelyn Topness, Gracie Luk, Haylee Tamayoshi, Rinnah Ferrer, Samantha Johnson, Tina Nguyen, and Meah Katz.

After graduation, some of these players like Rinnah Ferrer plan on continuing this sport recreationally or in clubs. 

“I would love to do club or intramural when I’m at university,” said Ferrer.

The team getting a pep talk before their matches (Hailey Hansen)

Others like Johnson plan on playing just for fun when she can or has the chance.

“I might play for fun on weekends,” said Johnson.

These players also have big plans beyond high school, like senior player Haylee Tamayoshi who is joining the airforce after graduation. 

“After high school I plan to enlist in the Air Force,” said Tamayoshi.

Luk is going a different route and plans on getting her bachelors in science after her associates.

“I’m a running start student this year, so i’m going to finish my associates next year,” said Luk. “Then probably transfer to WSU and get a bachelors of science.” 

Seniors this year have a great outlook on their last season in high school. Most felt really good about their achievements, but sad for it to be the last year.

The tennis teams are lined up before their match (Hailey Hansen)

“It’s kind of sad, but like it’s exciting and I’m excited I had the last few seasons here,” said Tamayoshi

Luk had great things to say about her last season and how she got a personal record during senior night.

“I feel really good because I’ve played tennis for all four years of high school…my personal record is eight to five, actually nine to five today,” said Luk. “So I feel really good. I’ve been playing singles this whole season, which is what I wanted.”

They all have very good advice to share to those who are new to tennis or thinking about joining.  

“It’s not all about winning or losing,” said Ferrer. “If you lose, don’t take it too seriously. Really it’s best to just have fun and make friends when you’re in tennis, especially at high school level.” 

“Don’t get frustrated with yourself,” said Johnson. “Just keep trying and have fun.” 

“I would say just have fun and not be too serious about it,”  said Luk “Because if you’re too serious or competitive, it doesn’t end up being fun and you could end up hating the sport that you originally loved in the first place.”

“I say just try it out,” said Tamayoshi “There’s no harm in trying like it’s so fun. Coach Ed and coach Allen are the best. So you just give it a try. It’ll be fun. You won’t regret it.”