Central Kitsap High School Sports Opportunities

by Derrek Butterfield, Contributor

Due to COVID-19 shutting down the access to the school building for the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year, Central Kitsap High School has been unable to resume the sports practices, games, and activities that are critical to the physical and emotional health of many students. 

These circumstances forced on the school have  been especially difficult for students who were active in sports the previous year. For example, Kalai Pasi, a junior who played football last year said, “we can do school work at home, sure. But we can’t do school sports at home, so it’s like, how do we do this, then?”

He went on to explain the importance of sports in his life.

“I remember how much fun we had during the season. Not only was it a fun experience, but it was also a time of unification and learning to connect with people.”

When he thought that school and sports would come back, he said the following:

“I believe that sports and school will return, just in a different form. I mean, if COVID wasn’t affecting us enough already, it will affect our education, sportsmanship, and connectivity with others when school returns to being [in person].”