“A Nightmare Before Christmas” Question; Is it a Christmas or Halloween Movie?

Opinion story if” A Nightmare Before Christmas” is a Halloween or Christmas movie.


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by Kymora Getachew, Reporter

On Oct. 13, 1993, Walt Disney Productions released the stop motion film Nightmare Before Christmas to the United States. 

“A Nightmare Before Christmas” has been debated on whether it’s a Halloween or Christmas movie for years. The plot and look of the movie have always perplexed its viewers on which holiday it’s trying to represent. 

The concept of Christmas in a horror like way will always be a mind boggling concept. But does this make it a Christmas movie? In my opinion, no. 

At the beginning of the movie, the first song that plays This is Halloween showcases all of the creatures and monsters’ ways of scaring people. 

68 people (42.5%) think Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas movie. Poll of 160 CK students by Kymora Getachew.

The atmosphere in the beginning of the movie is eerie and glum. This is the atmosphere for most of the movie in actuality.

92 people (57%) think Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween movie. Poll of 160 CK students by Kymora Getachew.

The film circles around Jack Skellington, Halloweentown’s Pumpkin King, becoming tired of scaring people, and having an identity crisis.

The plot begins when Skellington discovers Christmas Town. Skellington decides to take Christmas for himself, thinking he can even improve it. But due to his selfish reasons, this led to the near downfall of Christmas. 

In most Christmas movies, the villain/antagonist learns the true meaning of Christmas and changes their ways, which is not the case. Skellington went back to his old ways of scaring people while proudly claiming his title as the Pumpkin King once again.

Even some clips can give others chills down their spines. An example of this would be whenever the Oogie Boogie man appears, especially when his seams are undone and bucket loads of insects come piling out of him.


This could give people chills down their spines, maybe even nightmares. That’s not what Christmas movies are supposed to do to anyone.

In a 2019 interview with USA Today, the film’s composer Danny Elfman even calls it a Halloween movie.

“It’s obviously about Christmas,” Elfman said. “But for me, it’s a Halloween movie.”

In conclusion, “A Nightmare Before Christmas” is a Halloween movie with its amazing, fun stop motion characters and an amazing concept of a plot. To think “A Nightmare Before Christmas” is a Halloween or Christmas movie is fine. Just don’t think it’s a Thanksgiving movie.