Swing Dancing Club aims to share the joy of swing dancing at CKHS

The new Swing Dancing Club’s goal is to promote high quality dancing through teaching students how to swing dance.



People engaging in the swing style of dance.

by Sophia DeBon, Reporter

The Swing Dancing  Club is a new club at Central Kitsap High School where members can learn the basics of country style swing dancing, and improve their skill by participating in dances with other club members.

Swing dancing is a style of social dancing dating back to the 1920s, that developed alongside the “swing” style of jazz music. It is a fast paced and up-tempo style of dance, always involving a partner.

The idea to form the Swing Dancing Club came about in the middle of COVID-19, when the dances Marcella Fischer, Swing Dancing Club president, would normally attend were cancelled due to the pandemic. 

“I really like swing dancing, I think it’s really fun,” said Fischer, “Before COVID, we would go to dances about once a month with my church. But when COVID hit, we really missed dancing.”

According to Fischer, a main goal of the club is to improve the quality of dancing at CKHS through teaching others how to swing dance.

New members, or anyone interested in swing dancing, can expect a laid back environment and a fun time when visiting the Swing Dancing Club. 

“Every other week we have treats and we play swing dancing music, and we teach each other how to swing dance,” said Fischer, “Generally everybody’s a new member almost every week, so you shouldn’t feel worried about coming.”

Fischer encourages everyone to come try swing dancing regardless of their skill level, as it may end up being something they really enjoy.

“If you give it the time of day, then you could end up having something you really love,” said Fischer, “There’s no signup or commitment or requirements. It’s just come and swing dance, learn, and spread the fun.”

The Swing Dancing Club meets every Thursday in the commons from 1:10 pm to 3:00 pm. Their next meeting is January 6th after winter break.