Beyblades Battle It Out at CK

Central Kitsap welcomes Beyblades Club this year which encourages students to have fun while playing the game.



Photo from BeyBase Pictured are various beylades and their different designs

by Grace Vanderley, Reporter

A new club was introduced to Central Kitsap High School this September called the Beyblades Club which focuses on bringing together students who enjoy hanging out and playing with beyblades together. 

Beyblades is a game based off of an anime from Japan which came to America. There is a board game called “Battling Tops” that was created in 1968 which also inspired the Beyblades franchise. Beyblades have various different designs and tops. These were inspired by traditional Japanese battling tops known as “Bei-goma”.

To play with beyblades, it is common to use an arena where you can pull the ripcord on the beyblade and compete against another. The game is designed for ages eight and above but is generally most popular among young adults. 

Beyblades began distribution internationally in 2002 and became an instant sensation everywhere. Clearly, the popularity of Beyblades has spread to Central Kitsap High School.

Kara Del Valle, the advisor for Central Kitsap’s Beyblades Club, stated that there were multiple individuals who  enjoyed playing beyblades and were searching for a club that fit their needs. The founder of the club, Jacob Cain, sophomore, did the necessary steps to make a Beyblades club and it became a reality this year. 

Beyblades Club meets every Friday in Kara Del Valle’s room or room 2219. The members of the club are encouraged to meet every week until 4 p.m. but can also just meet when they feel it works for them. 

Everyone is welcome to join the club and there are no fees. According to Del Valle, students in the club are also typically open to sharing their beyblades.

There are currently five  members in the club and having a beyblades club “gives them a safe place where they can come together and hangout,” says Del Valle

Beyblades club is a great club to play the game, have fun, get involved, and meet new people.