Personal Profile Of Meghan Landon

Landon’s involvement in the community


by Taran Barr, Reporter

Meghan Landon is an involved person in the community. She is a straight-A student as well, with a 3.95 cumulative GPA. She is a  person who is valuable to the community and school as well. Landon works at Red Lobster, organizes school events like fundraisers, promotes diversity within the school, and she is a part of the cheer team. She has received multiple scholarships to further her education. She was born and raised in Bremerton, at Bremerton Naval Hospital. She grew up surrounded by American culture despite her mom being from Korea and her dad being from Germany. Her family doesn’t celebrate any Asian holidays and it is predominately white culture. Her mom works at a local restaurant, the Korean BBQ in Silverdale, her dad who is retired from the navy and now works on submarines as an engineer at the shipyard, and her sister who is a year older than her who currently works at Dutch Bros and is planning on going to WWU to become a teacher.

Landon has been a member of the CKHS cheer team since freshman year. Throughout this time, she has dedicated countless hours to fundraising, volunteering, and raising spirit in the community with her team. She is a flyer on the team. Her and her team are headed to state to compete at Battle Ground High School.

When asking Landon about her competition routine for state and what it entails, she said,

“ The team typically practices two hours a day, four times a week. Our routine is two minutes and thirty seconds long. We begin with an opening stunt sequence followed by a jump sequence, baskets, and ending with two man’s. The routine then goes into the main cheer section and once we finish it leads into our pyramid. After our pyramid we end our routine with our dance.”

In a  humbling conversation with Landon, the contents of her scholarship and what she did to earn them. 

“OSU is offering me a scholarship for $15,000 dollars for my academic achievements. Oregon is offering me a scholarship worth $40,000 split between four years called the summit scholarship. Utah State is offering $17,000 for a nonresident scholar scholarship. Then WSU is offering a $4,000 scholarship for academics.”

In addition to her academic achievements, she is a standout person in her community. She is a vital part of ASB as president, where she deals with school culture issues, plans fundraisers, plans school events and works with staff to ensure school safety in ASB. She promotes diversity and ensures every student has equal representation, making sure student voices are heard and validated. Landon also works at Red Lobster part-time in addition to helping her community and earning academic achievements. She went on to say that she plans to attend a four year university to pursue a career in criminology or biology. Landon wants to help people in healthcare or protect the people of the United States.

When asked about what she thinks her future holds, she said,

 “I have also grown up surrounded by family members who work for the government; one as a retired chief of police and one who trains FBI agents. It has been very beneficial for me to see how they serve society and their selflessness inspires me to want to work to help others, possibly through the FBI as a forensic psychologist.”

A person that has achieved so much and contributed so much to their community whether it’s at school or outside of it, is a positive impact on the culture of Central Kitsap High School. Spirit weeks, and fundraisers are good ways to provide a sense of unity to the school and she is responsible for providing that to the students. Not to mention, she promotes a positive environment for all people at CKHS and makes sure everyone’s opinion is validated to the fullest.