The Resurgence of Crystals

A look into the recent rise of popularity of crystals particularly in Generation Z.

A variety of crystals resting on a stack of books.

Olivia Miller

A variety of crystals resting on a stack of books.

by Olivia Miller, Reporter, Editor-in-Chief

With the rise of the so called self-care movement taking social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube by a storm, the utilization of crystals, known for their healing properties, has steadily increased.

Fueled by the ever increasing access to information, younger generations have begun to employ crystals in their journey of better understanding both themselves and the world they live in.

Rosalie Johnson, a Sophomore at Central Kitsap High School, stated “I began the process of learning and understanding the history and uses of different stones. And through that, I felt more connected to the Earth and Universe, I gradually felt more stable, sure of myself, and trusting that I would do what is best for my body and mind”.

Similarly, Anaya Lamy, a Senior at CKHS, said “I had first heard about the law of attraction and from there I heard about crystals. Mainly from the internet, YouTube, Instagram…”.

Carrisa Dixon, a Junior at CKHS, also attested that her interest in crystals first stemmed from social media, saying “I saw lots of videos on TikTok and it caught my interest. I was like, ‘Oh! They’re so pretty!”.

Regardless of how one’s knowledge of crystals is fostered, there are numerous claimed benefits of incorporating them and their properties into everyday life.

“Gradually, little by little, stones that do work for me have helped me find more stability and trust in myself and my instincts this past year as I navigate a diverse social life, difficult academics and changing athletic opportunities. I also just feel more connected to the Earth, which is something I previously felt like was irreversibly damaged in the face of environmental degradation and a lack of hope,” Johnson stated.

“I feel protected when I’m with them. They’ve also helped with stronger meditation. It’s helped calm me down and be more grounded,” Lamy asserted.

A sense of “good energy” surrounding certain crystals was described by both Dixon and Emma Lunbland, a Sophomore at CKHS.

There are a variety of ways in which crystals can be welded in order for one to enjoy their benefits including being worn, used as decor in rooms, or being placed on certain parts of the body while meditating.

“Often I wear the stones. I have a blue agate crystal ring that is not only helpful but absolutely beautiful, a necklace that can hold different stones, and sodalite earrings. Also, instead of wearing them as jewelry, I often wear them in my pockets to have them close to me but not on me,” Johnson stated.

Additionally, Lunblad said “I carry little tumblers with crystals around with me”.

Lundblad also stated that she “has a lot of them in her room and it makes a nice and welcoming environment”.

Crystals are also commonly used while meditating.

“I also place stones near me as I sleep, exercise, stretch or meditate – I often hold them in meditation – as those are all moments I am alone and feel connected to myself as I recharge or cleanse,” Johnson said.

Similarly, Lamy stated that “Sometimes when I’m meditating, I’ll put them on whatever chakra I am using, so for my third eye chakra, I’ll place a crystal on my third eye or heart chakra, I’ll put one on my heart”.

There is an extensive range of crystals, all with various alleged benefits, with some being commonly recommended for beginners.

Johnson personally believes that “It really depends on each person and what their specific needs are, but many stones are versatile and overarching that may prove beneficial to begin with. Selenite is the first one that comes to mind. It is incredibly versatile and covers many aspects that many people struggle with. It is, above all, a peaceful and clarifying stone that cleanses negative energy and can even be used to cleanse or charge other stones. I have a selenite bowl that I place many of my crystals in for cleansing”.

Overall, as stated by Johnson, “…Crystals, stones, and this Universal spirituality does not work for everyone who tries it out and may not serve everyone in times when they need help. Turning to crystals and this relative belief system may not be as beneficial or life-changing as many people experience and truly depends on each person and their needs. Stones are also not a substitute for professional mental health help – though they have greatly benefited and changed my life for the better, they only aided in that. Access to proper mental health care like counseling, a reliable support system, and knowledge of yourself and needs is the one major aspect that is absolutely necessary for healing or improvement. Crystals are wonderful and fun but are not the one and only solution to a better self and sense of self”.