Second Lunch’s Dilemma

Teacher’s opinions and thoughts on second lunch while also briefly covering their own opinions on the new student store in the cafeteria.


Taylor Wells

Students at 2nd lunch

by Taylor Wells, Reporter

First, second and third lunches are all unique in their own ways, now with the addition of the student store, things in the cafeteria are just a bit more wild. 

There have been small rumors spread about second lunch, the black sheep of the three. The most common complaint has been how the class is divided into two.

A poll was taken through 2nd lunch in which it was split into three categories; like, dislike, and no opinion. Ten percent of the school population equals 150 students, from that number, 73 liked second lunch, 27 disliked it, and 50 had no opinion of it.

2nd lunch students conversing (Taylor Wells)

The rumors seemed to have just been rumors, though, to make sure, teachers were also interviewed on their thoughts on 2nd lunch.

Eric Randall, when interviewed, spoke about his preference on 1st lunch, though, only because of his own habit in which he eats early, causing him to be more indecisive.

 “I mean, I usually get hungry early. So maybe I’d prefer first lunch,” Randall said.

Randall gave his opinion on the student store that had opened and was glad that it did, besides that, he didn’t know much else about it. The only thing he found that caught his attention was the delivery factor and the menu.

Randall has the running theory that 2nd lunch teacher’s are placed with 2nd lunch because they’re the least likely to complain. Luckily, Randall’s class he teaches isn’t intensely bothered with having to leave in the middle of class. 

 Jennifer Rumpke, also a teacher with 2nd lunch and had a bit more to say on the matter of second lunch. She clearly stated her distaste for having 2nd lunch, how it interrupts the class and can be an issue if they’re currently motivated and in a creative mood. Once they return, the students have lost that spark they had before.

She believes it’s worse than people say, “Anything but second.” Mrs. Rumpke said. 

Jessica Hanthorn, a teacher with 1st lunch. She doesn’t have much experience with the lunches, only being here for this year. She was also interested in the delivery system for the student store and also thought that 2nd would be unpleasant to deal with.

“..If, for example, I was giving a quiz in my class, and I had second lunch.” Hanthorn said. “I would be worried that I would have to give it either before lunch or after because I wouldn’t want students to go to lunch, and then looking up the answers or something like that.”

The teacher’s at Central Kitsap High School all seem to have differing opinions on 2nd lunch as a whole. Some may dislike it with a burning passion, while others are perfectly alright with it.

It seems that rumors are only rumors, people from 2nd lunch surely didn’t have much opinion over negativity on the topic. This only leaves one thing, with the new influx of students, will the school have to employ a 4th lunch?

Students towards the end of 2nd lunch (Taylor Wells)