Everyone has a Free Will

Everyone has a free choice in life, period. No one can control what anyone does and no one can control their bodies as well.

by Calvin Lumadue, Reporter

There is a lot of grey area between peoples beliefs in right and wrong based on multiple factors: In the state of Texas, a new bill was put into place in the past few months by the state executives for restrictions that won’t give women the choice for an abortion past the 6 weeks term. “The bill is very well made, someone really thought this through and it’s ingenious, even though I don’t particularly support it,” said Thomas Maxwell, resident of Texas.

This abortion law is not made for the free rights that women have and everyone has a free will, free rights and a free opinion. “Even though this law doesn’t seem to affect me, I think it’s pretty stupid. Because I’m a free will type of person, and I think everyone can do what they want to do,” says JJ Sandbeck, a resident of Texas.

The abortion law in Texas has a lot of grey area within it, especially for rape victims. People who are victims rape have nothing to help them in Texas and like many others they must go to a neighboring state just to get an abortion.“ I do think that they should mend the law for rape victims and make a clause that will help the victims. They should at least modify the law,” said Maxwell. 

The abortion law has a 6 week abortion ban which is unreasonable since most women don’t even know that they are pregnant until at or after the 6 week mark. “This bill affects me here because it brings me down knowing that there are women out there having their free choices taken away from them; I’m happy knowing that I am here in Washington where I have all these free choices,” said Kiayana Fischer, a student at Central Kitsap High School. 

It’s really intriguing to think why they made this bill in the first place. Why did these people in Texas think that they needed to make this law in the first place? “I think that they made this law because people are very controlling and they want to go back to the old way and have more control over people,” says Fischer.

Even though there are people with their human rights being taken away, people are rising up from all over to fight this old way that really revolves around Christianity and a way that isn’t as free willed as today’s standards are. “I think it was made because there’s a lot of christian’s and people that grew up around those lifestyles and so they adapted these beliefs,” said Maxwell. 

While these times are hard for some people, the whole country roars about this problem and all over there are women and men rising to help take down this law and give back these women this choice.