Honoring Veterans on Veterans Day and Everyday

Every year on November 11th we take time to fully thank and appreciate our service members, current and past.



The flag that all service members honor and protect. WOO YEAH, AMERICA *eagle noises*

by Daniel Gutierrez, Reporter

November 11th is Veterans Day, an annual federal holiday in which those who have or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces is honored. 

Contrary to the name, Veterans Day isn’t just about honoring veterans who are retired and have served in war. It honors all current and past members of the United States military. On Veterans Day it is common for restaurants and stores to offer discounts or even free gifts to current or retired service members. Applebees, for example, offers free meals to all veterans. 

Even for new recruits that have just joined, Veterans Day is important to celebrate for all service members, young and old. Choosing to enlist in the Military is choosing to sacrifice a lot to protect the freedom and protect your country. 

Gregory Lente, a staff member of Central Kitsap High School, is a former military member that worked on nuclear boats.  

“The toughest parts were the deployments,” Lente said. “We would be gone anywhere from up to 8 to 9 months at a stretch… we never surfaced. So I literally spent 3 months one period of time underwater, not seeing the sunlight.” 

Bruce Webster, another staff member at CK high, also used to serve in the military, and also had some tough times serving. 

“I think just being away from home when I was in Korea,” Webster said. “Or when I was in Panama and being away, especially during the holidays [was a tough part].” 

Veterans Day is not just about honoring those who have or are serving, but also honoring their families as well. Some military jobs involve moving around quite frequently, which can be hard on them, but also when the person in the military has to go on deployment, sometimes even during the holidays, and the family has to be without them for a long period of time. 

Veterans Day is one way that we can thank Veterans for all they sacrifice for us.

“When I was a young man, we didn’t even think about it,” Lente said. “We didn’t expect anything. Sort of nice to be recognized for sacrifices and service.” 

“Yeah, I appreciate Veterans Day because I think especially now, especially after 9/11 serving in the military has become much more difficult and much more dangerous.” Webster said.

But let’s remember, the sacrifices that our soldiers and their families make are constant and everyday. Thank a service member and their family any day, not just Veterans Day!