3D Animation students are pushing their May animations to the last minute

3D animation and modeling is a CTE class taught by Jim Adamson at Central Kitsap High School in the CTE building, he teaches beginners and advanced students, currently his students are working on finishing their May animations which are worth 30% of their grade.



Animation student working hard on his animation

by JJ Jenkins, Reporter, Copy Editor

The May animation is the biggest piece students make during the class, for the animation students all have to work independently and are given a whole month to animate compared to the usual time of 1 week.

The Animation is supposed to be a display of all the skills Mr. Adamson has taught his students over the course of the school year/years and will go on students portfolios, a portfolio piece.

The rubric includes that students must include a title screen and end credit scene, sounds and music throughout the animation, and run between 15 – 30 seconds long at 15 frames per second with a resolution of 800×600.

The progress on the animations is varying between students very much with some students being finished and others only being halfway done and only a week left to finish the animation before it is due.

I did the first like frames and right now I’m trying to animate the camera and such. I just have to model the small details/objects”, said Austin Botez

Austin Botez’s animation is a “fleet battle in Star Wars” and will run a duration of ten to fifteen seconds “probably”.

Calista Han is another student who switched into 3D animation about halfway through the school year and is making an animation about a snowman that loses his hat and tries to find it.

My animation is about a snowman. He loses his hat and now he’s going through this town to try and get his hat. And that’s basically it.” Calista says. “after we did the snow globe animation I wanted to do something related to Christmas.”

For the snow globe animation that Calista mentioned, 3D animation students were instructed to create a snow globe with a scene inside of it that included snow.

Frost Pinkerton is a talented 3D modeler in the class and is about halfway done making an animation about a fox in the forest.

“It’s about a fox in the woods, hunting animals.” Frost stated

Nearly all the students in the 3D animation and Modeling class agree on one thing in particular over everything else, not disappointing Mr. Adamson.

“I will be sad if he isn’t impressed.” Calista says. “I will be very fearful, I don’t wanna mess with Mr. Adamson’s wrath.” Austin said.

The students of 3D animation are truly putting all they have learned into their May animations primarily because it is 30% of their grade meaning if they wish to pass the class without finishing their May animations, they will need to have all of the other works from the entire semester turned in.

Even though the animation is worth so much of their grade, Frost said that they do not care if they aren’t able to finish because they are already failing the class.

“I’m already failing, I’m failing like five of my classes, only one I’m not failing is biology.” Frost laughed.

The May animations will put on full display the skills Mr. Adamson’s

Animation student working hard on his animation (JJ)
Student working on the modeling for his animation (JJ)
Frost working on their fox animation, with their fox on their shoulder (JJ)

students have learned over the course of the school year, each and every student truly hopes to impress Mr. Adamson with their animations next week.