CKHS Students Protest Administrative Reaction to Oct. 20 Armed Intruder Situation

The Central Kitsap High School social justice class organized an open mic walkout in protest of CK administrative reaction to an armed intruder who entered campus last week.


Adrie Starkenburg

Attendee holds up sign at the walkout.

On Oct. 20th, 2022, an armed 17-year-old male who does not attend CKHS entered campus with the reported intention to commit a robbery. After being apprehended by police already on campus, his weapon was confiscated and he was arrested in front of the school. CK administration did not inform students, faculty, or parents until after the school day had ended. 

These actions and lack of communication from the administration led to the organization of an open-mic walkout by the CKHS social justice class to demonstrate these concerns and express their frustrations, today, Oct. 26.

Students from both CK High and Middle School attended the approximately two-hour protest, with student speakers vocalizing their concerns and fears through megaphones to the diverse and energetic crowd.

The main concerns surrounded the lack of communication between CK administration and CK faculty, students, and families as well as the lack of lockdown procedure implemented during the duration of the intrusion, and after the intrusion had ended.

Many student speakers presented these concerns through varying perspectives of their experience on Oct. 20, continuously utilizing profane language in their recollection of the time of the intrusion as well as utilizing profanity against CK administrators present at the walkout. 

After the walkout ended and students returned to class, CKHS principal Craig Johnson sent two emails to CKHS faculty and parents announcing the event of the walkout and reinforcing walkout attendance procedures, reading “This morning, some students engaged in a walkout. After voicing their concerns in a respectful manner, they returned to class. We honor student efforts to express their opinions.”

The Cougar Chronicle is planning a follow-up story with more details and interviews in an upcoming publication.