Previewing the CKHS Talent Show

A look into the performers in the upcoming talent show


by Aavry Andrews, Reporter

An aspect of Central Kitsap High School that some people may not realize is that the students and staff have their own lives and practices once they leave the campus grounds. They may not know the things that drive their peers everyday or the things that bring them joy. It may be playing music, singing, or even something as mysterious as magic. 

Whatever it may be, the CKHS Talent show strives to shed light on those who may be unrecognized for the amazing things they can do. The show is created to peer behind the curtain on what we see on the surfaces of students everyday. 

Auditions for the show were held Nov. 12 but video submissions continued until the 18. Hosted by the CKHS Jazz choir, the show will take place at the end of January. The choir is scheduled to have a performance during the talent show. 

Cesar Cruz is performing in the talent show and he will show us his musical abilities by playing an original piece on the piano. He stated it only took him about five to ten minutes to compose his music. When asked why he enjoys playing the piano he said it allows him to express himself in ways nothing else can. 

“I’m kind of indifferent if people like it or not, because I like it.Maybe they like the sound of it. Or it makes them feel a certain way. Or maybe they don’t like the sound of it and it makes them feel a certain bad way,” stated Cruz. 

A full lineup for the performers was posted in the hallway in the music hall near the choir room. It appears as though our performers for the CKHS talent show are Desiree Stout, Cesar Cruz, Seth Fraiser, Anna-Lena Wrenn, Jamie Hosford, Jenna Hernandez, Olivia Falana, Ethan and Dillon, Evie Engstrom, Tia-Jane Fowler, and Kirsten Perry 

“It gives me a sense of home. Because I feel the same way that people listen to music to escape. Artists sing music to escape and I feel like it’s a new way to express emotions that I can’t physically say” said Perry.

Signing “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from the film Funny Girl sung by Barbara Streisand, Perry said she is trying to capture the originality of the character Fanny Brice from the film. Streisand’s character rises to fame as a musical performer and this aspect of the film was very inspiring for Perry. She advocated that she really tries to capture the humor and humility of the character through her performance.

With the Central Kitsap High School Jazz Choir hosting the 2022-2023 talent show, it  will surely have an entertaining lineup of performances. The talent show has been and will continue to be a tradition in further years to come