Single-Parent Homes at CK


Example shown the percentage of single-parent homes in the U.S.

by Maria Skilling, Contributor

Nov. 9, 2018


              According to statistics from Single Mother Guide, the majority of kids in the United States live at home with two parents. But most people do not realize that there are also a large number of kids that live in single-parent homes. Apart from those who are clueless to the amount of kids that live in single parent homes, there are still some who do know and understand the hardship that affects the kids.


              Most of time people don’t realize that kids who live in a single-parent homes often have a hard time coping with things on their own or even find it difficult to talk with an adult especially their single parents. Low self-esteem can be one of the main effects that living with one parent can have on a kid, and those who go to school find it more challenging upon themselves. Although it can be very tough on most kids, there are some kids that they find it easy to get by and be happy.

Few students in CK who live in a single-parent homes.


              CK’s student population has more students that live in single-parent homes than those that live with two parents. One of the students here in CK that lives in a single-parent home is Devan Ibanez. He says he understands that for single parents it is “hard to support their own children.” The struggle of supporting children alone is one of the main problems that the kids of single parents see. Senior Devan does not know if there are any pros about single parent homes.


             For other students who are living with a single parent, some have a different perspective on the situation. An anonymous senior thinks that one positive thing about living in a single parent homes is that they “can get away with more than when [their] parents were together.” Although there are things like this some students like about it, they don’t like the fact that they “don’t have any family dinners anymore.”


               Although there are some very bad vibes that lay upon students here in CK who live with one parent, there are most kids that know that deep down, in the end, they’re going to be okay even if they don’t live in double parent homes.