How Often Students Are Late to School and Why?

by Ariana Shindell, Contributor


Students being late to school is not so much of a shock most times it’s because they are waking up late or the buses are late on their route  , however it seems as though the the tardiness at CK high school has gotten worse the past two years since CK has had to tear down the old parking spaces in order to make room for the new school building. While it is amazing that CK will be getting a much needed new building , it has led students to have to park farther from the school which causes students to sometimes be tardy to class.

Not only is there problems with parking but for about a year now there has been a back up caused by construction all over town , mainly on Ridgetop which is where a lot of the students homes are located making their morning commute to school a bit longer.

Mrs. Patty Aflleje stated that a lot of the same people are late almost everyday for mainly the same reasons ,¨ a lot of them say that they are late because they overslept or they were stuck in traffic¨ claimed Aflleje. While it is okay to be late sometimes a lot of students are coming in without a note from their parents excusing them from the tardy or absence and after racking up so many unexcused tardies or absences students may receive detention.