Softball Season

Spring Sports 2019

by Maria Skilling, Contributor

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            Girl’s softball starts on Monday Feb. 25, 2019, and Central Kitsap’s Lady Cougs are getting ready to start off their season. All athletes who are participating in spring sports are required to turn in all paperworks before then in order to be allowed to be involved. The girls are ready kickoff the season briefly and right.

Kitsap Sun

             Some of the girls who play softball have been playing since they were young. One them is a sophomore girl, who stated the reason why she plays softball is because she has “been playing since she was 4 years old.” Some things this anonymous sophomore is looking forward to seeing this season is “hopefully just everyone playing as a team.”

           This year’s coach will be coach Courtney Cottler, who also coached last year. Coach Cottler chose to coach for the Central Kitsap high schools softball team because “they’ve had a long standing tradition of excellence, also my family went to school here so there is a family history.” According to Cottler, some things she likes about coaching here in Central Kitsap is “the girls. I love working with them and teaching them not only about softball but life in general. She also added “team atmosphere, working together towards one common goal.”

        While this season is just getting started, these ladies are getting themselves ready physically and mentally. The CK community is also getting ready to watch these Lady Cougars’ get their game face on, and support them every step of their way.