ISS(In School Suspension)

Impact On Students

by Maria Skilling, Contributor

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In School Suspension, for most people, think it is for those who are bad students but really that’s not mostly true. Central Kitsap High schools ISS have impacted other students lives and for others the ck school is hoping they would help more students who are often in and out of ISS. In school suspension ISS is a place for all type of students who are having either problem with academic and behavior. Although, some need more help to get them through their difficulties in school, central kitsap high school especially the ISS supervisor Ms. Roberts are trying its best to do what is right for these students.


Ms. Roberts, the ISS supervisor has been working with students for 16 years. According to Ms. Roberts “This is my 3rd year in ISS, before that I was a para educator, and a head start teacher.” Roberts wanted to be the ISS supervisor because she “ wanted to work with students and I want to support them not only academically but socially to learn the skills to be a successful adult.” As an ISS mentor and a educator Roberts “thinks the best impact that ISS has and/or had on students is that it shows students that they have the grace to comeback.” She also added ” also they do see that staff care about them as individuals.”


 Most of the times, some of the kids that end up getting sent to the ISS room either have hard times at home with personal family problem or they could just be careless of the decisions they make. Although it is not true for most kids, there are others who just can’t help themselves and understand that their actions have consequences. One of those kids are Josiah Turell, a sophomore here at central kitsap high school who believe that the ISS center have made a huge impact on him. According to Mr. Turell being in ISS had “ made him not want to go back, and also not to do anything bad.” He also added that he would want other students to experience what it’s like to be in ISS “ so they could learn not to make bad decisions.”


 On the other hand, most of the students who have not been sent to the ISS room think that it’s just not necessary for them to end up in there because they could not even imagine themselves in there. Ari Medovich, a 11th grade student here said that he would not want to end up in ISS “ because that would be boring “ for him. One of the reasons he thought about why might other students who are such troublesome, get send to ISS multiple times is “ the might have bad parenting at home or they just want to get attention.” An advice he would like to give other students is  “ don’t be retarded, and be a better kid.”


As students who are going in and out of the ISS room, there is a greater chance for them in the future to make younger students aware that everyone get a second chance but through education and behavior knowledge. One of the most important things that is taught in ISS is to get the education and the etiquette in need for students all over school, to get them ready for any challenges they face in their classrooms, and it is not just for those who  goes in ISS. As Ms. Roberts says ” Another important function of ISS is to help students prepare for their return to class.”



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