Financial Math

Financial Math

by Maria Skilling, Contributor

Financial Math is a useful course here in Central Kitsap High School. It can be useful for many things in life and for some students they find it very helpful while some just take this course as their third credit in math when they don’t want to challenge themselves too much with other math courses. But other students take it to actually learn from it and take what they learn from it, and use things in life.


Some students don’t realize the skills they learned from financial math are very useful in real life situations. For the most part it is an additional credit that they can use for their graduation requirement when they don’t want to take regular courses in high school. This years financial math teacher Lance Coyer reveals his insight on the importance of learning about financial math saying “it helps people avoid making the mistake of credits, helps you get the best deal when shopping for mortgage and loans. And it also give the understanding of investments.” Mr. Coyer is going on his first year teaching financial math in Central Kitsap High School, which is also his third year teaching here all together. When asked if students should take this class seriously, he said, “some yes. There’s some who want to really learn from it. At the time when they’re finished with the course they realize ‘wow this is some really useful stuff.'”


Those students who have taken or are currently taking this class have come to a realization that this class is very helpful and  encourage others to take it. One them is senior Angelica Encarnado, who is currently taking financial math second semester in Coyer’s class. She wants others to take this class because “it’s easy to do and it is a combination of multiplying and dividing and adding and subtracting.” These subjects have became some of the easiest learning tools to most students. Encarnado took this class so that she could “learn how to pay bills” and get her third credit for math.  When asked if financial math is important she stated “ yes, because people need to learn how to do their taxes when the time comes.”


Financial math is a great subject for students to learn about while they are high school, because there will be a time when they come to think that they should take what they’ve learned from financial math and use it. Financial math is very vital in most circumstances throughout life.