State Testing

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State Testing

by Maria Skilling, Contributor

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It has been almost 26 years since Washington state testing system got its start with the Education Reform Law of 1993. In this process of testing, students are required to pass subjects of English language arts, math, and science in order to graduate.


 There is a greater chance that this will all change starting next year in 2020. Although some students and staff have heard about it, students will still have to pass the existing state test and the state will provide other possible ways for them to earn a diploma.


 With many students seeking to learn more about the news on state testing, which clarifies that students no longer have to pass, there are others who still had/have to take the test this year.


One of the students that had to take the state test is Tala Dahl, a senior here at Central Kitsap High School. When she heard about the topic on Washington state test, she expressed her feeling stating “I’m kind of heated, but I am also glad the upcoming seniors and juniors don´t have to worry about graduating due to not passing the state test.¨


With loads of opinions coming in about the new state test, some teachers have given their insight. Ferate is a long-time teacher here in Central Kitsap High School. When asked about her views on the state test in general, she stated that “a standardized test cannot measure everything.”


 Although others may think that there is no point in doing state test, others have found this very useful for students education. “It sets a baseline, however some students can´t take tests well,” said Ferate.


Ferate clarifies her thoughts on the fact that Washington state high school students no longer have to pass the state tests: “I think it´s great that there are options because there’s a list of other things they can do.”


As of for now, students this year still have to take the state test that started on May 20th. Students and staff have yet to learn more about the Washington state test, and they will certainly be informed of more facts on this topic.


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