Honor Society making huge difference in community and School

Honor society wants to bring the school and the community together

by KJ Gardner, Reporter

National Honor Society (NHS) is a program for High School students that encourages leadership, service to the community and academic excellence. According to University of the People, High School students all around the world participate in the NHS. Central Kitsap High School’s NHS is a community service club headed up by academic advisor Michelle Sotelo and student president Kathryn McDonald.

Like most programs, the NHS has requirements to become and remain a member. According to CKHS club page, to be a member of NHS, members must have a 3.4 GPA or higher, 20 service hours, pay dues and attend 50% of meetings.

In a face to face interview with Khazzi Villanueva, 3rd year member of NHS, she shared that she became interested in the NHS because it keeps her motivated, helps her to have high standards for herself and keeps her involved in her community.

“A service program that helps to stay involved with the community,” said Villanueva. “It gives volunteer opportunities and also teaches you to be a model student to others.”

Members of the NHS set up for dances, games and senior nights to meet their required service hours.

The NHS plays a huge role in the community because schools have the opportunity to build their reputation in the community. According to National Honor Society, “Honor society students become outstanding ambassadors for there school and undertake meaningful community service projects.”

Like many school programs, COVID-19 has created challenges for the NHS and their involvement in the community. Villanueva shared that involvement opportunities are limited. Before COVID-19, NHS posted fundraising events like car washes, restaurant events, help setting up for dances and volunteer opportunities at food banks.

The NHS is working to overcome challenges caused by COVID-19. To continue with fundraising events and community involvement the NHS has to follow all COVID-19 guidelines as stated in CDC Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in K-12 Schools. Some of these guidelines include: Indoor masking, maintaining a physical distance of three feet, handwashing, sanitizing and staying home when feeling sick.

Even with the challenges COVID-19 have created for the NHS program, NHS members are still committed to the program because of its high standards and the potential it provides to their future. Villanueva shared that she believes that the development of her communication skills, her ability to prioritize her priorities and the improvement in her organization skills are a result of the skill sets that the NHS provides to its members and she is sure that these skills will benefit her in the future.

High standards seem to be the heartbeat of the NHS program. Like Villanueve, to be a successful member of the NHS program, current and future members of the NHS must hold themselves to high standards and be prepared to meet high expectations. In addition to having high standards, members must also be willing to serve their community.

For students who can maintain a 3.4 GPA or higher, are looking for an extra push in accountability, desire opportunities to develop in any area or get involved with fundraising and community events, the NHS would possibly be the program that is just right for them.