Does CKHS school lunch affect you?

A few students have given their thoughts about our school lunch and how it affects them.

by Zachary Gurrola, Reporter

School lunches have always been infamous for being mediocre, with references to pizza being like cardboard or the overwhelming assumption that students like chocolate milk with their lunch meal, it is easy to pick at the pros and cons. However, these observations aren’t out of a place of just being mean, students are the ones that have to eat the food so being questionable of what we are eating is definitely not out of pocket. It is intriguing to question whether students would do better in school if they were eating food they actually liked.

According to ChoiceUSA, school lunches make up one third to one half of a child’s nutritional intake for an entire day and are essential for helping children succeed in school as well as grow and develop healthily and successfully. Upon asking students around the school what their thoughts were on our school lunches, there were mixed results

Sophia Vaitautolu said she felt as if the lunches here were too small and that they could not be as sufficient. She also had a lot to say about what they serve here.

“I think instead of milk they should have water…especially with COVID-19 the fountains aren’t working… it makes no sense,” Vaitautola said. 

Daniel Orozco chimed in as well and feels like we should be happy with what we get

“I think for what it is it’s really great, but I think a lot of people overlook the fact that the school tries to do the best they can, especially this year with lunches being free,” said Orozco. “I think a lot of kids are privileged and don’t consider the fact that there are a lot of kids here that this is their only meal throughout the whole day.” 

No matter what the opinion was, the students said that if they were hungry, they would eat the lunch no matter what it is. Students don’t have a choice whether they can eat it or not if they can’t bring their own food, so speculation of what we’re getting isn’t bad. students are thinking for themselves and after all, isn’t that what schools are trying to teach us?