“Who Has The Power To Save The World: We Do!”

Students gathered to learn about local nonprofits and celebrate “Equity, Empowerment, and Education” while fostering connections.


Ellie Larsen

Students at the KItsap Youth Rally closing ceremony dance to live music provided by West Sound Academy.

by Ellie Larsen, Reporter, Assistant Editor

Students from thirteen local high schools and social groups gathered at Olympic College on March 24, 2023 to participate in the first Kitsap Youth Rally to be held in the last few years. Youth had the opportunity to partake in breakout groups, learn about organizations and communities, and have the opportunity to get involved and bring resources back to their respective schools.

“It was basically a place for students to go and learn about different subjects and meet nonprofits,” Said Allie Lewis, attending with CKHS Social Justice.

*All organizations may not be listed

Kitsap Regional Library: 

About: Kitsap Regional Library spans 9 public libraries and a range of online materials. KRL hosts community-based events to foster deeper connections. Activities may include craft projects, animal therapy visits, and reading challenges. The full calendar for events can be found on their website.

How to get involved: Kitsap Regional Library has a Community Learning Internship available as a paid employment opportunity for individuals between the ages of 16 and 25, providing the chance to gain practical experience in adopted fields.

West Sound Academy providing live music during the closing ceremony, while students dance around them.
West Sound Academy providing live music during the closing ceremony, while students dance around them. (Ellie Larsen)

Kitsap Support, Advocacy and Counseling (KSAC):

About:  KSAC is a non-profit organization that offers a 24-hour support service for individuals experiencing sexual  violence and related issues. In addition to their crisis line, KSAC offers group and individual therapy, education, and additional resources.

Contact: KSAC 24 hour support service can be reached at 360.337.9773.

Kitsap Community Resources: 

About: Kitsap Community Resources utilizes compassion in their community to achieve stability. Kitsap Community Resources provides support through the following programs: Early learning and family services, WIC, employment and training, housing solutions center, community support services, energy assistance, home weatherization, and KCR AmeriCorps.

Contact: to schedule an appointment, phone numbers are listed on their website under the respective category for the issue that help is being sought for.

Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center: 

About: Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center works to empower immigrants and provide support through services. Services include family services, immigration legal services, and tax and business services.

How to get involved: Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center has a range of volunteer opportunities from one-time commitments to regular involvement. Information regarding volunteering can be found on their website or they can be contacted directly at [email protected]. KCR accepts donations on their website.

Contact: 360.616.2722

Kitsap County Council for Human Rights:

About: Kitsap County Council for Human Rights advises county government and fights for equality on topics including racism, discrimination, age, gender, disability, and economic status.

How to get involved: volunteer applicationss are open until all positions are filled. Kitsap County Council for Human Rights can be contacted directly at [email protected]. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month, 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monthly agendas and a link to join can be found on their website.

Global Periods:

About: Global Periods is a nonprofit, youth-led organization that aims to decrease stigmatization around periods by educating and providing resources. Global Periods consists of different branches, hosting period product drives, and providing educational resources to the public. More information can be found on their website.

How to get involved: Global Periods provides the opportunity to become a chapter leader at local high schools. To become a chapter leader or inquire for more information, message global_periods on instagram. 

“I really want to do something with periods and our bathrooms in our schools,” said Nadine Dockendorf, attending with CKHS BSU. “I was thinking about signing up for a branch [chapter].”

Students calling members of Congress to encourage them to expand health access. A tally mark of total calls can be seen in the background.
Students calling members of Congress to encourage them to expand health access. (Ellie Larsen)

Bainbridge Island Youth Partners in Health:

About: Bainbridge Island Youth Partners in Health exists within two larger organizations: Partners in Health and Partners in Health Engage. They exist in the Bainbridge Island community, and is a chapter at Bainbridge High School. They fundraise and raise awareness for international health disparities

How to get involved: last year, Bainbridge Island Youth Partners in Health raised $17,000 in total from fundraising. On May 13, 2023. They are holding a “Celebration of Education Fashion Show” with a fundraising goal of $10,000. All models will be dressed by local businesses on Bainbridge island, supporting Rwanda and their poor health infrastructure. Tickets can be reserved here.

YWCA Kitsap County: 

About: YWCA Kitsap County provides education, support, and resources for domestic violence victims and their families. They offer a 24-hour crisis line, housing support, shelters, legal advocacy, and support groups.

Contact: YWCA 24 hour domestic violence hotline can be reached at 1.800.500.5513. More information can be inquired at [email protected] and their website.