November 2020: a Reflection of the Month’s Rising Coronavirus Cases

by Derrek Butterfield, Contributor

As the pandemic continued on, studies reflected that the number of cases in the month of November rose at what was an unexpected rate.

According to a study done by John Hopkins University on November 11, 2020, “Texas has become the first state to surpass one million coronavirus cases since the pandemic first began. This means one-tenth of the country’s 10 million cases are from the state.”

Then, two days later on November 13, 2020, JHU reported “… the state of California has reached over one million coronavirus cases. There has been a 47.1% increase in cases in the last week in the Golden State.”

Another two days later, JHU reported that “on November 15, … the US has surpassed 11 million cases.”

It was also reported by JHU and the Cable News Network that “on November 20[, 2020], the US surpassed 250,000 COVID deaths and nearly 12 million cases. On November 20, [2020], it was also reported that Donald Trump Jr. tested positive for the coronavirus.”

CNN reported on November 23 that “… the US entered its 20th day in a row of 100,000 new coronavirus cases in a 24-hour period.”

Based on the reports of both John Hopkins University and the Cable News Network, the month of November was a big hit for coronavirus cases and deaths. That number is only going up.