Adrie’s Beats of the Week: Farewell For Now

I give this year five stars, you know why.

Dear Beats of the Week readers, 

This year has been really cool. Mostly because of all of you, who read these, but also because of all the incredible people that helped me build Beats. My thanks goes out to Laney Lark, who, if I remember correctly, named it “Adrie’s Beats of the Week,” and everyone in 1st period Journalism who dealt with it. It goes out to my copy editor Marcy Fisher, and Ms. Miller, for unknowingly emailing me the fated Lil Huddy album. And mostly, really, to all of the people that, week after week, have read Beats, and told me nice things as it morphed into what it is now. I will if it’s the last thing I do probably be back next year, and I really hope you will be too.