“April Baby” will make you feel that it really is springtime in Washington

“April Baby” is a song performed and written by Summer Salt, a J-pop duo that was just released on April 8th 2022. Summer Salt was formed in 2014 originally consisting of 4 members however the drummer and bassist left the group.


Audrey Bucak

Eugene Chung playing the drums during their Summer tour

by JJ Jenkins, Reporter, Copy Editor

“April Baby” starts with a very different style than how Summer Salt usually starts. It is more upbeat and full of energy, the song is a love song about an unspecified girl however the lead singer (Matthew Terry) is telling her to be his “April Baby”.

The song comes from the perspective of a hopeless romantic which is suggested by lyrics such as “Go and drain my bank account ‘Cause I live to make it ’round And I’ll never talk you down I’ll let you wear the crown”and “If we lose, we lose As long as you’re beside me Oh, be my Eighth of April, baby”. These lyrics sing about how he (Matthew Terry) wants to treat the person he is singing about as a queen saying “I’ll let you wear the crown”.

The tone throughout the whole song tends to sound close to the Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” however has harder instrumentals. “April Baby” perfectly encapsulates the warm feeling of spring with it’s upbeat tone/attitude.

Summer Salts music is typically far less upbeat than “April Baby” such as their “Driving to Hawaii” EP which was an absolute hit for the band with the main song of the EP “Driving to Hawaii” reaching over thirty million streams on spotify. Driving to Hawaii is a very slow paced song about driving to hawaii and is closer to lofi/folk singing and is a great play for road trips.

“April Baby” in comparison to the other songs the indie band has put out this one doesn’t quite live up to the high standard I personally have put them at however if I’m not comparing it to their other songs, “April Baby” is a solid 7/10, the 3 missing points are mostly due to how it can sound repetitive throughout nearly the whole song because it repeats mostly the same lyrics but that usually goes for most songs however the execution was not perfectly on point with this one.