The Outlandish Movie; “Senior Year”

Reviewing the new movie “Senior Prom”. Does being outlandish make it good?


Photo of the show “Senior Year” on Netflix by Kymora Getachew

by Kymora Getachew, Reporter

Netflix released an R-rated movie on May 13 called “Senior Year”. Starring Rebel Wilson as Stephanie Conway as the main lead of this movie.

This movie is about Stephanie Conway going through life as a 37-year-old with the mind of a 17-year-old, due to a cheerleading accident in 1999 that left her in a coma

The way “Senior Year” shows how she got into the coma after the first scene, which was her 37-year-old self on a live stream making an apology to someone, is different. I like how it gives you everything that happened instead of giving you small flashbacks throughout the movie.

I also like how they introduce the secondary characters in the beginning. 

After seeing how she got into a coma, the setting moves into a hospital room in today’s year with her waking up. But when she woke up, she had a full face of makeup and perfectly curled hair. It’s a small thing to pick about but I don’t like how unrealistic it is.

Once her dad and her friend, Martha, take her home, the scene turns into an uncomfortable car ride. It would either be silence or awkward conversations. The conversations would consist of Stephanie being confused about everything. Even saying not acceptable words and phrases because she doesn’t know how much has changed since 1999.  

After that, nothing revolutionary happened. The movie’s plot is now starting with Stephanie wanting to finish her high school year and become famous but in the process, she starts pushing the people who were the closest to her away. 

A love triangle was also happening between Seth, her old friend, and Jamie, a scumbag. The romance part wasn’t interesting to me because it was very predictable. I suspected Stephanie would get with Seth from the word go. 

There would be scenes where people would dance for at least a minute. The dancing was fun to look at for the most part. The only exception was the prom dance with Stephanie and a high schooler named Lance Harrison. It was just weird. 

Also, the part where Martha pukes is my least favorite part of the movie because I have emetophobia. I had to cover my ears and look away. That wasn’t fun. 

I enjoyed the outfits throughout the movie. They were all unique and gorgeous. Especially the prom outfits. I think it would be something I’d enjoy wearing.

Although this movie is in the comedy genre, I feel it didn’t hit the mark that well. There weren’t that many times I laughed. The parts I did find funny only made me chuckle or huff out air through my nose.

My favorite part of the movie was when Tiffany, Stephanie’s rival, tried to convince Steve Aoki that her family wasn’t miserable. Then her husband Jamie said, “yeah we are,” and looked around after Tiffany looked back at him. 

“Senior Prom” is one of those movies where it’s better to watch it with someone. So that’s why I watched it with my mom and asked her how she felt about it afterward. 

“It was predictable and it had an air of unbelievably,” Porsche Crawford, my mom, said. “…But other than that, I mean it’s got the feel-good vibe where it’s telling you to chase your dreams. You’re worth more than a crown. I’d recommend it.”