Silverdale’s Recent Pizza Restaurant Addition: Farrelli’s Pizza

A simple view into Farrelli’s Pizza.


Taylor Wells

Farrelli’s Pizza mural

by Taylor Wells, Reporter, Copy Editor

Silverdale has gained another pizza place for residents to enjoy. Some people have already had a chance to drop by for a taste while others simply didn’t realize it was there.

The inside is large and spacious but can feel slightly cramped when rush hour kicks in. The building’s color scheme and decor isn’t overpowering, and even has a small area near the back that has a couple games for children to play.

The wait for seating is reasonable, giving a 45 minute warning during a busy day with the entire seating, ordering, and food arrival only taking around 25 minutes for two people. 

A customer who wished to remain anonymous had good things to say about the restaurant, expressing her joy at finally having a Farelli’s in Silverdale.

“I knew Farelli’s when I used to work at JBLM in DuPont so I was really excited to see they were here in Silverdale,” she said.

Looking through reviews about Farrelli’s, one of the most noticeable was the pricing. Some reviews said that it was either just too expensive, or expensive but worth it.

“It just seems that way when you add up everything, but maybe the personal could’ve been six dollars,” she said. “And maybe there could be a small, I know that a medium 12 inch, it’s already 13.99, and the breadsticks, 18.99, that’s a lot for breadsticks.” 

She was surprised that they were nearly twenty-dollars and felt that it would be nice if it weren’t so expensive, pointing out that many families like to go to Farrelli’s, but some might not be able to afford it if the prices are high.

The Farrelli’s establishment may have its flaws, but the employees and work environment are certainly not one of them.

Amber, 42, and a Line Cook with her own array of responsibilities within the Farelli’s establishment works from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and it’s her job to open the kitchen, turn on utilities, and make pizzas. As overwhelming as that may sound, she still enjoys working there.

“I love working here because I have an amazing boss and everyone I work with is awesome,” she said.

Dani Hodge, 35, and the General Manager at Silverdale’s Farrelli’s. Her day is full of tasks that go from cash handling to simply helping around the floor.

Her tasks also include helping the customers, and at times, customers will leave a review. Reviews on the websites are generally good, but people oftentimes have varying opinions.

Some reviews say that the wait can be too long at times, but Hodge is doing all she can to help make sure the newly employed team can serve efficiently.

“Working a restaurant is about teamwork and when you have everybody brand new and all starting at the same time, it really takes a long time to build that work environment together so they work efficiently with each other around everybody else’s quirks and habits,” she said.

She also enjoys working there, having worked at Farrelli’s for eight years.

“I worked in a lot of different restaurants, and while Farrelli’s isn’t perfect, they do their best to take care of their employees and while it can be a stressful environment, it’s also a very fun and uncaring environment too,” she said.

Farrelli’s Pizza is a nice place to take your family if they’re craving some pizza. Their pizza dough is made from a 25 year recipe and are hand tossed, they even have a gluten free type pizza. It’s definitely worth a shot if you don’t mind spending a little more than usual.