Opinion: Why People Should Start Playing Chess

Chess is a strategic board game that is played between two players in which they fight for control of the squares on the chess board – and a great source of entertainment and skill-building.

by JJ Jenkins, Reporter, Copy Editor

Chess is the most recent entertainment phenomena, and for good reason: chess is simply fun to play, and it’s very easy to learn. Anybody anywhere can play chess, either physically over the board or online on websites such as chess.com and lichess.org.

Many people in recent times have picked up playing chess due to watching famous social media broadcasters play chess live. These broadcasters (also known as streamers) have caused the recent surge in popularity of chess.

Thus far, this is the best year to start playing chess. As a new player there are many resources to help get started in the game such as the chess.com online lessons that are free for everyone and the game analysis tool also on the website. More great tools that are at disposal for new players also include Chessly which is an online website created by the chess content creator “Gotham Chess” (aka Levy Rosman, FIDE International Master) that offers chess courses taught by him available for purchase.

Chess courses can cover all the way from the complete basics of chess to entire courses dedicated to one chess opening. Openings are the starting position of pieces a player develops first in the board, each one of these starting positions has a name and have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Another reason this is a great year to start playing chess is due to how many people are playing the game; fellow classmates that play it is an especially good reason. Chess can start friendships and be a great subject to talk about with friends that may already play it. Starting with a friend is also great because both players will be equally as new to the game so they can learn and improve together. There will also be an abundance of people to play whether it be at Central Kitsap High School in the newly founded chess club or online.