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Sienna Johnson

Sienna Johnson, Reporter

Sienna Johnson is a Junior student at Central Kitsap High School. She decided to take journalism as her English course because she wants to subject the world to her ideas. Outside of school, a place in which she dislikes very much, she writes scripts for TV and movie ideas she has. She also dances ballet and acrobatics as part of her passions, she has a liking for most things that allow her to perform. One of her many strengths is that she is good at reading and writing, and has been known to write a compelling saga over the years in her English classes about cows. A skill that is not very known to many people is that she has a quite flexible back and she has a plethora of comedic stories that are stand up show worthy. Her most common quote is “Don’t sweat the petty stuff, pet the sweaty stuff”. 

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