2021 Choir Concert, Inviting the Season

A Delight!


by Marcella Fischer, Reporter, Copy Editor

At 7:00 on Dec. 9, the choirs of Central Kitsap High School (CKHS) commenced their winter concert. The choirs opened briskly and with character as the Jazz Choir (known as Vocal Motion) took the stage. The theater was filled and the crowd buzzed. 

The masked singers were clearly audible, even the less numerous Jazz Choir was as well, due to the mics they used. The jazzy songs had minimal lyrics but still filled the room with energy as soloists took a mic and performed skillful runs over the rest of the choir’s harmonies. 

It was quite an entertaining performance, framed with adept lighting and tasteful decorations.

Poinsettia’s framed both sides of the stage, and with the lighting effects, it was a was a warming and inviting sight.















I can’t give much else besides praise to the entire performance, and that includes the winter and Christmas songs sung by the advanced and treble choirs, and most definitely includes the Jazz rhythm section supporting the singers. 

Alicia Rodenko, the director and teacher who put on the whole show, gave an energized speech near the end during a set transition in which she dubbed them the earned name, “Sultans of Funk.” 

The treble and advanced choirs performed a couple of Christmas songs intermixed. The whole concert made me excited for the upcoming hot cocoa, and Christmas time. In all, the concert seemed a success, a large crowd, a good performance, and a neat set. This is what signifies the winter season to me, it kicked my season off with great music and atmosphere.