CKHS seniors take on college

Do you need college to be “successful”?

by Taran Barr, Reporter

As senior year comes to a close,  many people believe there are only two paths to success. That is not true. There are so many things that someone can do to become happy. 

They can do trade school, go to college, or go work right away. Whatever that may be, it comes down to your drive and determination to push towards your goals.

“No, I am not going to college,” said CK senior, Sawyer Barg. “I plan to go to trade school to become a welder. Not necessarily, I mean there are a ton of career paths out there that may need extra schooling, but not really.”

“Yes, I am going to college, Meghan Landon, a senior, who plans to attend Washington State University said. “I am going to study criminology. I don’t think you need college to be successful because you could go to trade school or do different things. It just depends on the person.”

“Yes, I am going to Central Washington University,” said Collin Gray-Gatch, CKHS senior. “I plan to study Criminal Justice. I think college isn’t for everyone, but for certain people it helps them achieve their goals and make it a lot quicker. I know both my parents didn’t go to college and so did my step dad but they are pretty successful in my opinion. But then I know a lot of people who went to college and got their masters and they turned out to be very successful. I think it comes down to your work ethic and your drive to be successful.”

There are many paths for a person to achieve their own vision of success. Whether that is wealth or happiness. Some think that the best way is college. Some think that the best way is through trade school or starting to work right away.

Success is different for everyone and it’s not as black and white as some people think.