What Will In-Person School Look Like After COVID-19 Is Gone?

by Chance Myler, Contributor

The thought of what in-person school will look like is very interesting to think about. Everyone has their speculations on what it is going to be like, or their desires of what they would like it to be like. I myself would love for it to be back to normal, to see  friends and talk and do all the things that teenagers do. I’m not a big fan of all the schoolwork parts, but I will take it if we can return to normalcy.

In reality, I know that we will have to be separated by great distance we will not all be able to be in school at the same time; we will have to wear masks, and we will have to sanitize everything and everyone. I truly believe it is going to be terrible and annoying, in the case of cleaning whatever is touched and not being able to be around our friends. I know they think it will help children get back to normal learning, but I think it is going to cause more problems and separation among people, especially kids.

When we return to school there will be multiple precautions taken, such as practicing social distancing. There will be a lot of caution with people being afraid to be near someone, even if they are friends, because they don’t know if they are sick or not, or they could be asymptomatic. There will be a lot of fear – Lord help you if you sneeze.

I believe school will look like an attempt at a sterile environment of control, fear and education. I think everyone should be cautious, but we may be going too far and should be left to decide ourselves if we want to return to school and education outside of our homes, and if we want to participate in any type of athletics. This is how it must be for the foreseeable future, unfortunately. We must all do what we need to do to protect ourselves and our community for now.