Who are the freshmen of 2021-2022

How do the students that have not had a full year of school since sixth grade feel about high school


Central Kitsap High School

by Jason Allen, Reporter

The class of  2025 also known as the freshmen at Central Kitsap High school have missed a majority of experiences that they might not even realize because of COVID-19. A lot of students have fond memories of middle school but because of COVID-19 this year’s freshmen barely have memories of middle school at all; with there last full year of school being sixth grade. People are so focused on how the current upperclassmen have missed out on their high school years which is true but these younger students had most of their middle school experience ripped from them by COVID-19. 

Although it seems like the freshmen have varying opinions on how they feel about a year and a half of middle school. Some don’t feel like they missed as much as some may think a lot were just excited to go to high school and almost glad they got to fast forward their middle school days. However, others believe they missed a vital part of their school experience.

Freshman Maya Prouse strongly believes that she missed out on middle school, “100% Yes, because I didn’t go to it”.

Freshmen Maya Prouse

Then there is the other side.

 “No, there’s not really much to miss out on,” Noah Ring said.

But how does high school compare to their expectations? “I expected high school to be just like this. I am very happy”. Maya Prouse stated. 

Kamryn Hamrick had a similar response, “it is going how I thought it would be”. 

Whereas Noah Ring believed it would be harder than it really is.

Freshmen Kamryn Hamrick

Were there any rumours that they had heard before coming to high school?

“I heard that the building smelled but I don’t know it doesn’t” Noah said.

Maya Prouse was let down when she said “I watched High School Musical a lot and that didn’t come true very well so that was a little bit disappointing”.

The freshmen interviewed do seem to be getting used to high school pretty easily. They are all looking forward to new experiences and some are excited to play out the rest of their sports careers that they have high hopes for.  

“I’m looking forward to going to state with the soccer team. I’m excited for that”. Maya Prouse responded when asked what she was looking forward to for the rest of high school. 

It is still very early in the year for these young and hopeful students which will bring new experiences for each and everyone of them. In the next four years these freshmen will grow and develop into adults ready for anything life decides to throw at them and it all starts this year.