Students Jamming at Guitar Club

A weekly hangout session.

by Mateo Hays, Reporter

Central Kitsap High School has a wide variety of activities, sports and clubs. These bring a bunch of people who might have not connected, together. One of the clubs that stands out among the rest is David guitar club. Guitar club is hosted in room 1204, held every Monday after school.

Guitar Club has many goals such as “to pick up a musical instrument, and i can teach them for a second year level of guitar,” said Tracewell.

Learning guitar can be a struggle, it requires people to learn muscle memory and knowledge that can’t be obtained in a small amount of time. Learning guitar is a lot easier if you have someone teaching and instructing you, Tracewell is willing to teach the students for free to make learning easier.

“A secondary goal is to get people off their cell phones as much as possible,” said Tracewell. “But as much as I love technology, we know that like all the social media apps it does cause depression.” 

Studies have shown that technology and social media can cause people to become depressed, hate comments on Instagram people getting mad and ghosting you, these can cause people to become depressed which is why learning something that doesn’t require social media can be good for you.

“The only thing we’ve ever done is put one poster in the hallways with all the others, and it just has guitar club on it with no information, nothing,” said Tracewell. 

A Lot like rock, the guitar club is cool and casual. So to show that you want to learn how to play you need to look into it and ask around to get the information for the club. 

Guitar club is a very talented club. You can go in there whenever you want and you don’t have to participate. They have instruments provided and you can pick it up and learn, pick it up to play or just listen in.