CKHS Drama Team Announces ‘Legally Blonde’ Cast and Crew

The cast list for CKHS’s production of “Legally Blonde: The Musical” has been announced!


Adrie Starkenburg

Sophomore Jenna Hernandez, who plays Paulette Buonofonte in “Legally Blonde: The Musical” alongside Kirstin Perry onstage in auditions.

Central Kitsap High School drama team has announced the final cast and crew for their production this spring – Legally Blonde: The Musical.

Auditions were held Monday the 27th and Tuesday the 28th, and the cast and crew was announced Wednesday the 1st. Over 50 CKHS students will take part in the musical as both cast and crew members.

Congratulations to the lead cast members of the show:

Haley Robinson as Elle Woods

Mason Laing as Emmett Forrest

Shayla Sutliff as Professor Callahan

Maison Petersen as Warner Huntington III

Hannah Baugh as Vivienne Kensington


In addition to the remainder of the lead and supporting cast:

Jennaveve Hernandez as Paulette Buonofuonte

Aiden Reeder as Kyle B. O’Boyle

Jessica Clendennen as Dewey


Katy Topness as Brooke Wyndham

Kirsten Perry as Chutney Wyndham


Mya Hagge as Margot

Liz Suarez as Serena

Joss North as Pilar

Kenzie Vonruden as Leilani

Nicole Cox as Kate

Kimberly Chamburs; Nicole Cox; Annabelle Havers; Cate French; Kirsten Perry as Delta Nu’s

Annabelle Havers; Nicole Cox; Kenzie Von Ruden as Greek Chorus


Zee Gemmer as Enid Hoops

Miles Borer as Aaron Schulz

Micah Kaczynski as Sundeep Padamanan


Lillian Johnson as Elle’s Mom

Benjamin Sorna as Elle’s Dad

Miles Borer as Nikos Argitakos

Micah Kaczynski as Carlos

Cypher Washburn as Grand Master Chad

Jamie Hosford; Ben Sorna; Li-Mei Co as Harvard Law Admission Officers

Li-Mei Co, Jamie Hosford; Olivia Lozano; Arielle Miller; Kimberly Chamburs; Sarah Dowell; Abigail Trout; Lily Sears; Jessica Clendennen; Cypher Washburn; Lillian Johnson; Eve Engstrom in Ensemble

Maison Petersen and Lillian Johnson read during “Legally Blonde: The Musical” auditions. (Adrie Starkenburg)

CKHS Drama and Choir instructors Zachary Timm and Alicia Rodenko will head the musical production alongside stage director Don Fox. Central Kitsap community members will be able to watch the result of weeks of preparation and rehearsals of “Legally Blonde: The Musical” in May.