Spencer Harader’s Journey to Becoming Golf Captain

Captain Spencer Harader finishes his last golf season at Central Kitsap High School.


Kelly Harader

Spencer Harader hitting out of the bunker at the Kitsap Golf and Country Club. (Courtesy of Kelly Harader)

by Grace Vanderley, Reporter

Many may know Spencer Harader as an avid skier or one who enjoys making burrito and shoe review videos but he has also earned his spot as Golf Captain of Central Kitsap High School’s Boys Golf Team. 

When Harader was just four years old, he stepped out on the greens and began his golf journey where he has now earned the title of captain. 

Harader showed up to the course his freshman year to try out for golf and immediately made varsity. Although his freshman year may have been cut short due to COVID-19, he still believes there were other points of great accomplishment. 

“I made it to districts last year,” said Harader.

The skills necessary for big accomplishments like going to districts are not acquired overnight. Harader explains that he spends about 12 hours a week and aims to get out on the course everyday. 

Kevin Mccarthy, the coach of the CKHS Boys Golf Team speaks of Harader’s ability to remain calm under pressure as one of his greatest skills.

Spencer Harader hit his approach shot on the green. (Kelly Harader)

“You have to be calm at all times, and Spencer is just that,” said Mccarthy. “He’s calm under pressure.”

Mccarthy included that his favorite memory with Harader was the bus rides and seeing all the boys around him looking at something on his phone or the one time in the restaurant when he bought everyone drinks.

“We were at a restaurant in Olympia and I bought food for every guy on the team but the waiter came around again and he bought everybody’s drink,” said Mccarthy. “I’ll miss the subtle things that he really sees the big picture.”

Harader’s kind gestures are not the only thing that will be missed about him when he graduates this June.

Kayson Hasegawa notes that his humor and all the things that made him a great captain are just some of what he admires about Harader.

“He has great leadership skills, is very nice, and makes practice fun…I remember one time when he broke a window at Indian Summer Country Club and he didn’t have to pay for the window because he asked the guy’s window he broke to play golf with him afterwards,” said Hasegawa. 

Not only have the people around him during the golf season been able to enjoy him and what he brings to the team, but he also learned new skills from these people and being on the Central Kitsap (CK) boy’s golf team. 

“The CK golf team has taught me to power through and be able to focus more and not get down on myself,” said Harader. “I have also been able to build great connections in the golf community.”

The CK golf team has also brought games where victory is to be celebrated. Harader explains one of his best matches was when he got 13 points. 

“If you get a par, you get two points,” said Harader when explaining how golf works. 

The CK Boys Golf Team helped Harader with the game of golf and although he may not be playing at a collegiate level, he still plans to continue playing almost everyday for fun and enjoyment. 

Spencer Harader shows his dedication to golfing by going out on the course even when it is snowing.  (Blake Herdman)

In the fall, Harader will be heading to the east side of the state and attending Washington State University to pursue a degree in Business Finance.

Harader’s leadership skills, kind gestures, and ability to mentor younger golfers will be missed by the CK golf team.