Great Janitor, Great School

A staff feature of our school custodian Chris Pevovar.


Daniel Gutierrez

Pevovar cleaning the staircase handles

by Daniel Gutierrez, Reporter

Ever thought that someone actually has to clean up our messes? That candy wrapper, that food that was dropped and wasn’t picked up, that bathroom that got vandalized? Well that someone is Chris Pevovar. 

Pevovar is the custodian for our school, and he has been a custodian for about eight years. 

“I’ve been around, I was a floater,” Pevovar said. “I went to a bunch of elementary schools, different high schools, then it became permanent around three or four years ago at CK high school.” 

Pevovar has certainly seen some great messes in his time that haven’t been so very pleasant to deal with. 

“One time, we had someone throw up in three different rooms and it took four custodians and an hour and a half to clean it.” Pevovar said.

Also, with the new development of the “Devious Licks,” it has certainly increased the workload and the stress of the Custodians

“… But we’ve had enough of it. Big time,” Pevovar said. “We are trying to figure out a good way to cut bathroom use, close bathrooms off if we have to. But I need permission from the principal before I do anything.” 

Other staff members greatly appreciate Pevovar for what he does. Tracy Kohlbeck, Library clerk for our school, is very appreciative of him. 

“We’re very lucky we have Chris here as our custodian, not every custodian is as nice and courteous as he is,” Kohlbeck said. 

Our school principal, Craig Johnson, also agrees with Kohlbeck. 

“I think Chris does an outstanding job, and he’s a really good team player.” Johnson said. 


Pevovar making his daily rounds (Daniel Gutierrez)

Everyone can agree that Pevovar is a great janitor and a great guy. So please, just be cleaner and don’t make too many messes.