The Career Center’s Career Coordinator: Tyler Hunt

To find a good career, it is essential to utilize the resources available at the Career Center. Tyler Hunt has a database of job and career resources, which he readily distributes to students. He also offers counseling and workshops, which provide students with the opportunity to learn about various career paths.


Mr. Hunt’s profile on the Career Center’s page of the CKHS site

by David Esguerra, Reporter

Tyler Hunt is a career coordinator at the Career Center at Central Kitsap High School. Hunt strives to provide students with the guidance and support they need to make informed decisions about their futures. He offers individual counseling, job shadows on different fields of study, and advice from his extensive network of personal experiences through education. Hunt’s goal is not only to help students find jobs but also to develop lasting careers that will be satisfying and rewarding both now and beyond

Tyler Hunt is a 1995 CKHS graduate, with a background in automotives, and “It was about 10 years of exploration of careers and different jobs and educational opportunities that I realized I wanted to work with high school kids.”

He understands that not all students are sure what they want to do after high school, and that is why he provides a variety of services. Some of the services that the Career Coordinator provides students include career exploration, guidance, career counseling, and help with college planning.

Sometimes it is difficult for students to make decisions about their future. “I know that my message is not consistent with all educators or even parents, right? I challenge the status quo of thinking around what every student’s next step needs to be right. And that’s where I go back to train to validate each student’s interest in pathway. But for me, when I asked the students, what are you doing next year, and they say, Oh, I’m going to college. My next question is what for? Well, I’m gonna get a degree. Well, why? What’s the degree going to help you with like, I’m trying to get to the long term.”

Conrad Belon provides a look into the senior perspective this year, High School and Beyond doesn’t provide college readiness, rather it prepares for career exploration which may not be the next step for most seniors.

“I feel sometimes like, we look at high school and beyond, and we think of like, a job, when really high school and beyond should be like, okay, beyond high school, I’m gonna go to college. I’m gonna do this and this and this and that. But it needs to focus more on college readiness rather than career application.”

Students need to explore their interests. Hunt provides a service like High School and Beyond for future career exploration. Once a student has a better understanding of their interests, they can begin considering careers that match those interests.

The Career Coordinator at CKHS is a valuable resource for students who are looking to explore their options after high school. Mr. Hunt can help students learn about various careers and develop a plan for their future. He can also provide support during difficult decision-making processes.

“Moving forward, I’m pretty optimistic. You know, I know the sixth graders are pretty we’re pretty interested in enjoyed the software… [Mr. Hunt had introduced 6th graders to the High School and Beyond software earlier this year]… The eighth graders are pretty energetic and jazzed about it. And so I’m hoping to build on those each year and hopefully get better at it.”