District Event Honoring Jeanie Shulze

With a spotlight on the appreciation of her colleagues.


Jeanie Schulze smiles warmly to Erin Prince as a she reminisces on Schulze’s impact. Photographed by Marcella Fischer

The celebration occurred Wednesday, May 25 at 5:30 to commemorate the 8 years of school board service and many more years of service to the Central Kitsap community and schools of Jeanie Schulze.

Many associates were gathered in attendance, and as the night got going, caring friends embraced each other in hugs and conversations. Shulze approached many friends while gripping her cane, a product of a recent stroke that is the main reason for her resignation of the position. In one conversation, Schulze complimented baby photos and in others, laughed and reminisced on old stories.

“Jeanie Schulze was originally appointed to the school board in May 2013. She ran for the position later that year and was elected by voters in November 2013. During her time on the board, Jeanie proved herself to be a strong advocate for staff and students, and we are grateful for her service,” said a message used to announce the event.  

Meghan Hein has been appointed to fulfill Shulze’s position on the board and is especially appreciative of Shulze’s outreach to her when she voiced concerns.