Nadine Dockendorf – Class of 2023’s Senior President

Get to know the 2022-23 senior president elect Nadine Dockendorf.


Nadine Dockendorf

Nadine Dockendorf the 2022-23 Senior president

by Leah Howell, Reporter

Next years 2022-23 Senior Associated Student Body president is Nadine Dockendorf. Nadine is a current Central Kitsap High School junior. 

Nadine ran for president because she has wanted to be in a leadership position, and has wanted to have a large school role since she was little, and losing the vice president election last year helped fuel her. 

“I’ve always wanted to be in a leadership position and do something for the school so I can have my input,” says Dockendorf.

Nadine’s campaign poster (Leah Howell )

She is glad that she won because this will fulfill that wish of hers.  Nadine plans on trying to get more representation throughout the school. 

“I really want to do more cultural base stuff with the school, I feel like though it’s not really represented well, we have somewhat of a diverse school”

Some ideas she has come up with are potlucks or a cultural celebration, as well as some inter-community meetups such as a student-led farmers market. 

Francesca Dockendorf, Nadine’s sister and a current 2021-22 senior, believes that Nadine will do a good job because of her creativity, reliability, and her good work ethic.

“She’s willing to put in the work when it is needed. She may be a little confused sometimes, but she’ll find her way.” 

Francesca’s view on Nadine’s qualities are not limited to those listed above, but also include her caring side for her peers and younger, incoming high schools students, as well as wanting to make sure that high school is enjoyable for the people. 

Not only do the people who live with her see this, but also the adults and people around her. 

Central Kitsap’s swim coach Whitney Dodd has worked with Nadine for the past 3 years. Dodd is well aware of Nadine’s welcoming personality and friendly demeanor. 

“[Nadine] strives to make sure everyone feels included, heard and part of the team. She is friendly, approachable and above all else she is kind,” says Dodd. 

Francecsca sees this as well saying “[Nadine’s] very passionate about life and making high school enjoyable for a lot of people.”

Class of 2023’s senior president Nadine Dockendorf Photo provided by Nadine Dockendorf

“I think I take into everyone’s opinions when I make decisions… and student activities to kind of appeal to everyone” says Nadine.

Nadine looks up to “people who aren’t afraid to say their opinion and back it up”, some of her examples were Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Michelle Obama, Malcolm X, and Nina Simone. 

Nadine is not only kind and caring, but also a large advocate for people of color in Central Kitsap, and is proud that she can be a figure that younger students can look up to.

“I think being president that’s a woman of color, I just want to inspire other people who are in the underclasses, that are worried the ASB is very predominantly white” 

“So just being able to be the person to kind of make way for other students. I think that’s great” says Nadine. 

It will be an exciting and challenging year for the incoming student body senior president. Nadine’s message for the class of 2023 and the rest of the school is “Don’t be afraid to do something that’s stereotypically weird, because you know the look of it, just because you want to do it. And if you’re interested in stuff, just go for it, we missed out on a lot of stuff.” She continued with “We were really freshmen like yesterday. So go out and live your life.”