Girls Tennis Season Brings Positivity

Coaches Ken Allen, Lexi Neigel and player Meah Katz Give Insight About The Girls Tennis Team



Tennis players talking

by Hailey Hansen, Reporter

This season the girls tennis team has many new players. Usually new players incite amateur playing, but this season they are pushing right past that. 

Head coach Ken Allen and assistant coach Lexi Neigel had lots of positive things to say about the outlook for this season compared to past seasons with new players.

“This season compared to other years we’re a lot younger,” said Allen. “We’re very heavy with freshmen and sophomores, and very happy with first year players. All of them are showing a lot of promise.”

Assistant coach Neigel added that they [the players] all have “high energy.”

One player, Meah Katz, has a great outlook on this seasons and great leadership for new players.

“It’s been really exciting getting to know them and getting to have that kind of time vibe going on,” said Katz. “A lot of new faces.”

The coaches have had some great moments and memories in their careers that really show how dedicated they are as coaches.

Tennis player during a match (Hailey Hansen)

“It’s when my first year players get their first win, whether it’s on a junior varsity or varsity match. I’m kind of happy for them when they can finally break the ice and get their first win,” said Allen. 

“Aha moments of, ‘oh that’s how you hit it’, those are highly rewarding it see that finally it all clicks or connects,” said Neigel. “Even just in eight days some people look better than day one.”

Katz has a whole different perspective being a veteran player on the team. With seasons in the past, there have been many moments to enjoy and celebrate. 

“Last season in capital, we took a clean sweep 6-0, so we’re pretty excited about that,” said Katz. “Just to be able to have that kind of team where we’re all like, oh my god guys, we just won!”

Aside from the game day moments, the coaches favorite practice moments are even more heart warming, with their ability to make their sport fun.

 “We get to play games, fun games, different tennis games,” said Allen. “Around the world, Knockout, and sitting duck.”

Coach Neigel chimed in saying “fun friday!” 

Katz’s favorite practice moments are much more personal and team and bond building. So it is very apparent that the team has a great relationship.

“Definitely when we’re playing around the world, or we have a competitive game where we’re cheering for each other,” said Katz.

Katz said her favorite “real personal moment” was when she made it to league. 

“My original partner for doubles was injured so I ended up getting a new partner,” said Katz. 

Because of this she had some doubts but she was also very excited to go to league.

 “We didn’t really think we would make it that far, but we ended up sending four teams home….made it pretty far from having someone I’ve never played with that whole entire year,” said Katz. “It was something I was really proud of.”

Both coach Allen and coach Neigel did not have personal moments. Though Allen had another good moment overall to add, referring to assistant coach Neigel who used to be a player at Central Kitsap High School. Along with an advertisement for the team’s home games.

“When former players come back and volunteer to coach,” said Allen. “Makes me feel good.. [to] come home to games!”

Coach Ed posing with tennis players

Player Katz added a passionate and easy going plea for more people to come join tennis

 “Next year more people should try out tennis, boys or girls,” said Katz. “It’s just a fun sport. You have a lot of fun times together, plus it helps you with your hand and eye coordination.”

So there it is, a look at the Central Kitsap High School girls tennis team. They have many first year players who are succeeding, so make sure you check it out next year when signing up for sports. Come support the girls tennis at their home games, which all start at 3:30PM.