How Does Managing Your Time Affect Yourself?

Effective strategies for managing your time well in school.

Students at Boulder Creek High School are organized and ready to learn.

Boulder Creek High School

Students at Boulder Creek High School are organized and ready to learn.

by Logan Endter, Writer

Do you think time management is important to your life and career? Procrastinating and spending too much time on leisure activities have can have severe drawbacks to student life.  If students just get the work done and relax later, it will give a better feeling of confidence and a better outcome with school to know you completed your homework. The best way to manage time well is to make sure you prioritize and stay organized. Do the things that are most important first and put all the other less critical tasks to another time. If you are organized that will help you with finding things and easy to keep a to do list.

Junior Ronen Perry procrastinates and he says that he can manage it. He still thinks it is better to break your task into smaller pieces to do take a bigger problem and make it smaller to manage time better. “I guess the idea of time management is to break things down into smaller chunks. That’s the fundamental aspect/idea for guerilla warfare, you are fighting an enemy that is stronger than you, you know if you go head on your going to die, but if you hit them and break them up into smaller chunks just like we saw the Phins do to the Soviets during the Winter war that is how you dominate your task.”, Perry says.

Logan Endter
Ronen Perry relieved after an intense interview.

Freshmen Autumn Endter states that she waits to the last second to do her homework and she says that this does not affect her so much in school because of her good grades. She does do more important and longer homework first so she will have time to spend time with the family.

Endter says “If I have any homework on the weekend then I wait till the very last second, but my daily life at school I always try to get all my work done before the school day ends so I have more free time to do things I enjoy.”.

Senior Mckenna Pearcy also has a statement about why procrastination is bad on oneself, “ When you procrastinate it creates more stress on yourself. Break it down step by step and not take it all at once.”

According to the best way to manage your time is to break things up into smaller categories as to not deal with everything at once. This is said to reduce the workload significantly and create a lot less stress. If this method is timed well (doing a little at a time and taking a break), then the overall outlook of the students towards school will change for the better and lead to good grades.

Even though the people here say that they can manage school while procrastinating. What is evidently true from this  interview is that it is still better to do homework earlier as to enjoy even more leisure time and the satisfaction that the project is completed. Students would feel more satisfied with their grades and their overall view of their school life.

All this can be accomplished if students learn to manage their time well.