Future Plans For Graduates

Different Paths Ahead

Future Plans For Graduates

by Maria Skilling, Contributor

 Graduation is around the corner and most seniors know for a fact what they will be doing and/or plan on doing after high school. Planning their future is nothing new since some have known what they want to do since they were young kids.


Some seniors plan ahead of time on what they will be doing after high school. Some may plan to join the military, while others have other plans.



Catrina Patten-Price is a senior who plans on joining the Air Force in the military after high school. When she joins the Air Force she wants “ into the medical field.” Aside from wanting to join the airforce, her dream career is becoming a pediatrician. Patten-Price stated her most memorable high school experience is “ not giving up on it, even though I wanted to so bad.”


Another senior who plans on joining the military is Isriel Rojo. After high school Rojo plans on joining the U.S Navy. One thing he has always dreamt doing after high school is “ becoming independent and living the american dream.” He added that the one thing he will miss most about high school is “ being with people close to my age” in other words his friends.


One ideal plan that most students tend to do after high school is going to college. One of those students is Mackenzie Shorter, a senior who has been in Central Kitsap High School since her freshman year. “ After high school I’ll be attending Western Washington University,” said Shorter. Although Shorter is not sure what her dream career is, her main future goal is to “marry someone in the NBA(National Basketball Association).” She also stated she´ll “ miss dances and her friends” when she graduates.

Mackenzie Shorter
Senior Mackenzie Shorter, who looks forward to life after high school.


Some students have been doing running start, which is a program that allows 11th and 12th graders to take college courses here in Washington state. Senior Johanna McFarland started running start at the start of her Senior year. After she graduate high school, she plans to ¨ finish my associates degree at Olympic College and then transfer to to Central Washington University. She explained she would redo high school in this case her senior year because ¨ I hated running start and I would live not to do it ever.¨


A lot of students tend to not knowing what they will be doing when they graduate. Some take a yearlong break thinking of what they will be doing. While they do that they look for a job or continue working their current jobs during that time periods.


Seniors are mixed in emotions about graduating, it is clear that they are looking forward to see a new world that is ahead of them and are excited for new experience. Whatever path these seniors will be taking, their future is sure to be bright as ever!