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Aina Zabinski
Aina Zabinski is the Editor in Chief of the Cougar Chronicle. This year is her first year running Cougar Chronicle and the first semester has gone very smoothly. Aina decided to join the Journalism team because she enjoys different styles of writing, and news writing was a style she had never tried before. Aina wants to learn all styles of writing because she hopes to become an English teacher in the future. Outside of school Aina is in many clubs; she is in Honors Society because she loves doing community service; and she is also involved in ASB as the senior class secretary. Aina has many strengths as a student, especially the ability to help so many students and keep up with her own work at the same time. Other strengths that Aina possesses as a student are that she is a very curious student, who loves to learn new things and faces her challenges straight on. She is also very organized, which helps her with all aspects of her life, not just school. Some things not very many people know about Aina is that she loves to dance Hip Hop and her thumbs are double jointed and able to bend backwards. Aina’s plans after high school are to attend a college in Washington and get a degree to become a teacher. She has been accepted to all colleges she has applied for, which is very impressive. When writing articles, Aina strives to write stories with high human interest as well as community oriented stories that students can relate to. She wants people to remember her as a great leader and someone people can always come to for help.   

Aina Zabinski, Editor

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